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Lean Connections Moved to LeanConnections.com

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We’ve moved the LeanConnections blog to a new host.  Follow our posts at


See you there!

Adam Zak


Our Green Executive Search Initiative

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     At Adam Zak Executive Search we continuously seek ways to set and implement best practices which reinforce our commitment to a Lean + Green environment.  As part of our GreenSearch Initiative, here are some things we’re doing differently in our everyday operations: 

CO2 - BAD!

CO2 - BAD!


We fly less. How? We’ve developed some interviewing ideas and techniques which allow us to more effectively evaluate and assess candidate interests, qualifications and cultural fit via telephone and Webcam (think Skype). We’ve been able to reduce the amount of air travel to candidate interviews by 25% in each of the past two years. We still do face-to-face interviews, of course, but only with top finalists for your executive search. Less travel, less cost, faster search cycle time. Oh, and when we do fly, paperless ticketing is the rule.

Candidates travel less.  We invite finalists to visit us at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, scheduling multiple interviews on one target date whenever possible. Candidates never leave the airport (no rental cars, no ground transportation – dollars saved, reduced emissions, and no missed return flights).

We pioneered the use of fuel-efficient hybrid cars for our transportation services. 

We provide personal recycle bins for employees. Our kitchen supplies – everything from cutlery and plates to cleaning supplies – are eco-friendly.We are in the process of substituting eco-friendly alternatives in our office supplies as well. 

About paper. We preview and final edit on-screen. When we do print, we use recycled paper. We  print double-sided. Our toner cartridges are remanufactured. We’ve eliminated all office copiers – we  scan, transmit and store documents electronically for instant retrieval, then recycle them. No file  folders or cabinets (less office floor space required-smaller footprint),reduced energy requirements  (those printers and copiers sure use a lot of juice) and no time wasted filing and unfiling stuff.  green_forest_trail

How’s that for Lean+Green!

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September 12, 2008 at 7:39 pm

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