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The Positive Business Manifesto – Hoshin Planning for Employee Engagement?

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respect_for_peopleI’ve been writing quite a bit lately about why respect for people, often vividly demonstrated when your team members are truly engaged in their day-to-day work, is critical to building and sustaining the Lean Enterprise.  And you’d have to live on another planet not to notice the plethora of business books and articles discussing the importance of developing a positive organizational culture at work. The research is clear. Positive leaders, positive work environments, and positive engaged employees produce positive results.

However, if building a positive business is so important and beneficial, then we are left to wonder, “Why aren’t more companies, more positive?” Why are there not more people skipping through the halls, smiling at their co-workers and loving their job? Why do more people die Monday morning at 9am than any other time? Why does negativity cost companies 300 billion dollars and sabotage teamwork, careers, morale and performance?

The Positive Business Manifesto, from author and business culture guru Jon Gordon, whose books and blog I’ve been folllowing for some time now, offers some insights that Lean Leaders at all levels in the organization will find to be stimulating and energizing. More importantly, I believe that implementing Jon’s principles and practices will help our organizations weather the uncertainty of this current recessionary environment. Download the PDF here… Positve Business Manifesto


Written by LeanThinker

November 5, 2008 at 3:58 pm

Monday Monday, Monday Morning…Less Than I Thought it Could Be?

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With apologies to the Mammas and the Pappas… If I really hate Mondays, will it kill me?

Last Friday, on the 4th of July, Mark Graban blogged away about an article he’d seen in London regarding the myth of “Monday morning blues”. Mark noted that this article “reminded me of comments I’ve heard our good friend Norman Bodek make a few times recently.” According to Mark (I’ve heard this first-hand from Norman as well) “Norman tells a story about how he always asks audiences what day of the week they like best. People hardly ever say Monday, their favorite day of the week is usually Friday. Norman says that’s sad, as people should be able to enjoy their work, that Monday shouldn’t be such a dreaded day.”

But what if going to work on Monday morning, or hating the job you do to earn a living, could actually kill you? Read the rest of this entry »

Written by LeanThinker

July 14, 2008 at 8:56 am